Our approach to social media

From masterminding your online strategy to simply chatting with your potential customers each day as your online customer service representatives, we can handle the full range of services your business needs to employ. We will help you drive business revenue from online efforts. Our backgrounds in PR, branding, traditional marketing, web development, SEO, and business management allow us to dig deep into how your business makes money, and how all the moving pieces in marketing can seamlessly fit together. Our ultimate goal is identifying your return on investment, by tying social media tracking points to our various goals – we help turn creative colors into black and white numbers to identify trends and accomplishments.

Let us help your business manage every component of social media marketing – from creating the initial social media accounts to developing large scale campaigns; we love the daily energy that goes in to maximizing your brand’s visibility! Social media is the future of marketing, we firmly believe it is better to get your brand’s customers to talk about your brand, share pictures with their friends, and put up online reviews that show you off. We use social media as a tool to turn customers into cheerleaders, build a company’s search engine rankings, as a tool to spur PR opportunities with local editors, a tool to capitalize on existing online trends, and even as a tool to keep an eye on competitors. Wielded properly, social media is a powerful business efficiency tool.

We offer comprehensive packages which run on a monthly retainer system, and we offer an array of à la carte options as well. Thank you for taking the time to look over our information. Please reach out if you have any questions.


Advanced Account Management

Advanced Account Management

  • We will develop an ongoing brand presence on any platform that is needed.
  • We will maintain a strong posting presence throughout the week.
  • We will review the platform daily to respond to users as quickly as possible.
  • We will run monthly promotions and track the positive results for your business.
  • We will act as your brand all around the internet, engaging with your VIP’s on their accounts.
  • We will develop a proactive advertising strategy to ensure maximum visibility of all published content.

** Requires a separate ad budget that you can choose, we recommend a minimum of $100/month.

Creative Monthly Consultation

Creative Monthly Consultation

  • We will engage in ongoing brand brainstorming, and develop ongoing monthly promotions
  • We will develop monthly brand calendars to take holidays, promotions, and other issues into account.
  • We will develop weekly content calendars to ensure proper timing and setup for all published content.
  • We will consult you on integrating social media into your website, print materials, physical location, and more.
  • We will analyze results each month and provide advanced reporting on an ongoing basis.
  • This service can be used independently or in conjunction with our account management services below.
Setup Only

Setup Only

  • Ensure your social media accounts are set up properly!
  • We will go through a comprehensive social media setup to make sure URL’s are appropriate, make sure all your important business information is entered properly, and to make sure any call to action options are in place and visible.
  • For an additional $40 we will also design and develop graphic design for your page, including profile and banner images.
Social Media Training

Social Media Training

  • We will develop a digital branding guideline document, detailing the best strategy for your brand on each platform.
  • We will teach you the basics of social media marketing and the personality of each platform.
  • We will run weekly meetings to review the strategy and review your “homework” assignments.
  • We will review all posts before publishing, and edit them as needed until you are running free!
  • We will teach you strategies to get in front of – and develop one-on-one engagement – with your VIP’s.
  • We will teach you the fundamentals of social media advertising, and tactics best suited for your brand.
Event Management

Event Management

  • Want to throw an event and include social media in the mix? Let your audience wield some power!
  • We can help fine tune your promotional strategy, create appropriate hashtags, develop advertising strategy, and make sure that social media is seamlessly integrated with traditional marketing efforts.
  • Plus we can make your live event more exciting by setting up projectors at your event that can rotate through pictures your AUDIENCE has taken in real time, and much more!


  • Our services are always offered in both English and Spanish. Somos very bilingual.
  • Our contracts state our minimum guarantees, but we always like to go above and beyond.
  • We always make ourselves flexible to your schedule. And you can call/text/tweet/email us anytime!
  • Weekly meetings (using Skype) are recommended and included, and typically last 20 – 60 minutes.
  • Our fees are normally based on monthly retainers, so you can know exactly what to expect ahead of time.

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