The perfect team

  • Nick Moss
    Nick Moss Founder

    Nick is the overlord leader of the dynasty known as Whitewall Media.

    He is also moderately involved in the South Florida community, and intermittently so with the rest of the world. From October 2016 – October 2017 he served as the Vice-President of the Business Network International (BNI) Action chapter in Miami. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP), an organization dedicated to providing housing assistance for the military community.

    Nick is a proud Hurricane from the University of Miami, class of 2008, graduating with degrees in International Studies, Anthropology, and Business Management & Operations. He fortunately gets along well with the University of Florida “Gators” in his office.

    MIRTLE PEÑA-CALDERON Chief Marketing Officer

    The heart of our operation!

    Mirtle works with a powerful team of employees, interns, and contractors to make sure every piece of your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube accounts are on point – from the beginning strategy all the way to the final reporting.

    Mirtle makes sure that the best design and copywriting is developed, edited, approved, scheduled, and posted – all alongside highly coordinated advertising campaigns!

  • Sydney Smith
    Sydney Smith Account Manager

    Content production is no easy task!

    Sydney is primarily involved in sourcing and/or producing content for a variety of accounts. This content has to fit the “voice” or personality of the brand, and there is often a lot of journalistic spin to make an otherwise normal piece of content seem interesting! Sydney is a powerhouse of impressive mental forces, and a central figure at Whitewall Media.

  • Gaius Benbow
    Gaius Benbow Creative Director

    I’ve been an art teacher, graphic designer, returned to school for my BFA at Parsons School of Design, freelance Art Director, a co-founder of a boutique studio and the sole Digital Art Director for MTV. I see every shift in my life as a new opportunity to learn and grow as a designer and most importantly as a human. This range of experience allows me to connect with almost anyone on some level which helps immensely as a designer and as a creative leader. Great ideas come from a larger knowledge, created from life and human interaction.

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor Marketing Director

    As Marketing Director, Daniel is responsible for business development, account management, and financial analytics. His skillset is applied towards: understanding the revenue streams and correlated marketing needs for your business, forming profitable strategies for business development, and reporting on the return-on-investment of each campaign throughout the marketing process.

    Educated at the University of Florida, he received a bachelors in Business Administration and Spanish before graduating with a Masters in International Business from UF’s Hough Graduate School of Business. Daniel brings 3 years of Finance and Commercial Real Estate experience as an Associate for a REIT owned by Lennar. (Lennar is the largest home builder and their REIT is the largest B-piece buyer of securitized commercial debt in the country.)

    A Miami native, his personal interests include fishing, volleyball, spearfishing, travel and photography. Fully bilingual in Spanish, he lived in Costa Rica for a year in high school and then studied abroad in Madrid, Spain through a UF Business program.