Quick Tips Series: The Top of Facebook Pages

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When it comes to Facebook, everyone knows the basics. Get a picture up, get your info in place, start posting.

Hey – if you got that far – you’re ahead of some other big dreamers.

But what are some of the little tips and tricks to get the most bang out of that Facebook page? Well, just based on the first thing the audience can see – the top of your page – here are 4 quick tips for features that often go overlooked:

– Your Facebook banner picture (1500px x 500px) – more than just a pretty picture, this is the first thing people see. Use it to tell your story. Change the banner from time to time to update with a certain theme or season. And when you have an event coming up, feel free to put a little text in the top right corner saying “EVENT on June 20th 6PM” and it will become the first thing your audience will see when they get to the page.

– A Call-To-Action button – Facebook rolled out with this a long time ago, but many business pages still lack a simple call to action button. This concept is similar to the banner mentioned above. This call to action button sits at the top of your page in front of the banner picture. It can say “sign up” and lead to an email list, “contact us” to drive new leads to your inbox, “watch the video” to figure out how your product works, or “shop now” to give visitors a direct link to make a purchase. There are a number of different options – investigate these!

– Tabs – These little “other stuff” options are nothing new (About, Photos, Reviews, etc) but there are a lot more options than there used to be. And these classic stars of the Facebook page often get forgotten. Unfortunately your Facebook page may not have enough space for all your tabs, and some tabs will get stuffed into the “more tabs” graveyard. So shuffle these around as needed. If you run an event and have an app that links to your Facebook page, make sure to move that tab to the top of the list where it can be seen. Remove the tab after the event is done. Same thing with “photos” and “videos” these are the prime material to offer your audience aside from the incredible posts on your page. Keep an eye on which tabs are taking center stage and make sure there is a reason, if not, switch it out for a more important tab.

– Videos – Videos are more important than ever. But especially on certain devices like tablets, your latest Facebook video is right at the top of everything and stares at all your new users. Is it an exciting intro video that shows off your brand and employees? Maybe some old commercial from back in the day? Many businesses have no videos at all. Keep in mind that you want to try and make the best first impression possible, so if you have an old video or maybe no video – go ahead and put up one intro video, for nothing else than all those new tablet users.

– Pinning Posts – Last but not least is a little trick to keep your most important post at the top of your page. Click on the dropdown option in the top corner of your actual post, and you will see an option to “Pin” this post – that option will pin that post to the top of your page, so that it will show before any other post you put up. This lasts for about a week, before it becomes “not pinned” again and the post goes back to its proper place in the timeline.



That’s just a few quick tips to get more bang out of the top of your page. Stay tuned for more about how to create posts, calendars, graphics, and a whole lot more.

– WhitewallSM


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