The perfect team

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor Marketing Director
  • Nick Moss
    Nick Moss Founder

    Help, I’m stuck inside this page! All kidding aside, I live in a very digital world and I’m connected 24/7. I love what I do and for me it is a lifestyle.

    At Whitewall Media I am responsible for keeping up with the latest marketing trends and social media updates in the industry. I work closely with clients to ensure that we understand the business model, create a plan that will result in increased business revenue, and I oversee every account on a daily basis to make sure that we provide ROI on every marketing dollar.

    MIRTLE PEÑA-CALDERON Chief Marketing Officer

    The heart of our operation!

    Mirtle works with a powerful team of employees, interns, and contractors to make sure every piece of your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube accounts are on point – from the beginning strategy all the way to the final reporting.

    Mirtle makes sure that the best design and copywriting is developed, edited, approved, scheduled, and posted – all alongside highly coordinated advertising campaigns!

  • Sydney Smith
    Sydney Smith Account Manager

    Content production is no easy task!

    Sydney is primarily involved in sourcing and/or producing content for a variety of accounts. This content has to fit the “voice” or personality of the brand, and there is often a lot of journalistic spin to make an otherwise normal piece of content seem interesting! Sydney is a powerhouse of impressive mental forces, and a central figure at Whitewall Media.