5 Tools For The New Social Media Magnate

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The revolution is here. Social media is re-defining the way we do business and there’s no going back. If you’re floundering in the winds of change or confused about your options then it may be time to pick up a new set of tools… here are five essentials for tomorrow’s social media magnates.


1. Facebook – the gateway to all things (and most people).

You can’t live without it. Facebook is one of the biggest networks in the world, with over 2  billion active monthly users worldwide– that’s around 1 in every 7 people! With an emphasis on friends, ‘likes’ and sharing your thoughts, it puts the social into social media, with near-limitless potential for branding. The basic concept is that friends are similar, and if one likes your brand then you should position some energy to branch out into that circle of friends. 226 Million or 72% of all American internet users are registered on this phenomenal social network, and businesses can also tap a wide international audience because 80% of its daily users are based in other parts of the globe. The average user checks their Facebook account 14 times per day, and more than 50% of Facebook users check their account within 15 minutes of getting up in the morning. It’s ranked as the second biggest website by traffic after Google, but that could change tomorrow.


2. Twitter – #lessismore

When you’re talking to one person, you’re talking to a thousand – make it quick. Twitter has over 200 million users and is based on short bursts of (inconsequential) information, otherwise known as “tweets”. Not just a stomping ground for illiterate celebrities and loud-mouthed journalists, Twitter is at the center of corporate PR, with 51% of its active users following companies, brands and products online – 67% of these more likely to buy from a brand they follow on Twitter. Build yourself a loyal fan-base, engage with customers, and find out what they think they’re thinking, all in the space of 140 characters. @WhitewallSM


3. LinkedIn – the job-market, not the meat market.

The business card is dead. As the social network for professionals, LinkedIn boasts around 259 million users worldwide, with a focus on jobs, professional networking and sharing expertise. It allows companies and individuals to expose their skills and services to a global audience and allows you to look at credentials. Where Facebook is about mutual friends, LinkedIn is about the business connections you have in common, of course, you can always make new ones via the site’s 2.1 million professional groups. With 2.6 million company pages registered and executives from every Fortune 500 company online, LinkedIn is essential for branding and business awareness. (Another little tip – Find business people with the type of jobs you want and see what they have done. LinkedIn can help you identify the kind of paths that lead to your specific dream jobs!)


4. YouTube – your very own video empire.

Imagine having your own TV channel… oh wait… you don’t have to. YouTube gives you a public video platform and the potential to broadcast to 800 million visitors, who view 4 billion hours of footage in the average month. Start a video blog, get your products reviewed and expose your brand through the medium of video. Create exclusive content and broadcast it to the world by sharing it through all your social networks. Coming in just behind Facebook, YouTube is the third most popular website in the world and the second largest search engine (bigger than ASK, Yahoo and Bing combined). Think of it as the Google of video…after all, they own it.


5. WordPress – now you’re a journalist.

 This open-sourced blogging tool and content management system (CMS) powers over a sixth of all websites in the world, including the one you’re looking at.  Taking the ‘blog’ (web log) to another level, WordPress lets you write, design and publish your own literature, giving you access to over 26 thousand plugins – themes, widgets, toolbars and enhancements that can boost your posts and your visibility. Its brilliant SEO (search engine optimization) features allow you to both increase your brand visibility and also gear your blogs to the audience of your choice, with over 30 million monthly searches on Google made for WordPress-related terms. Build your own website, publication or PR machine. Make sure that your social media is connected to the website and look forward to an extra bump in your engagement levels online!


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Author: Alex De Moller
Produced for Whitewall Media, LLC

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