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Welcome To Whitewall

We come from all backgrounds, we are but humble nerds who have been raised on the internet.
We’re your online strategists committed to the best marketing practices and customer service fundamentals.

Range of Service

From masterminding your online strategy to simply chatting with your potential customers each day as your online customer service representatives, we can handle the full range of services your business needs to employ. We will help you drive business revenue from online efforts. Our backgrounds in PR, branding, traditional marketing, web development, SEO, and business management allow us to dig deep into how your business makes money, and how all the moving pieces in marketing can seamlessly fit together. Our ultimate goal is identifying your return on investment, by tying social media tracking points to our various goals – we help turn creative colors into black and white numbers to identify trends and accomplishments.

Our services


We develop creative and engaging content on a consistent basis for your brand by tracking and measuring what your audience is looking for.


We’ll handle all aspects of your social media operation including keeping a consistent brand voice while communicating with your followers across the web.


We strategically pick out the right target audience and demographics pulled from analytics and data for all of our paid media campaigns

Our Team

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor Marketing Director
  • Nick Moss
    Nick Moss Founder
    MIRTLE PEÑA-CALDERON Chief Marketing Officer
  • Sydney Smith
    Sydney Smith Account Manager